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SINCE 1887.



A family-owned company with lots of history

Founding of the company by Bernhard Michels – initially as a feed and beverage business

Relocation of the company headquarters within Gelsenkirchen, from Cranger Straße to Waldstraße (fleet and administration are still spatially separated at the time)

Appointment of the company as an official freight forwarder for the German railway. Initially, the transports are carried out with horse-drawn railway furniture cars; in the 1920s, they are replaced by-and-by by trucks

In 1938,
The company is handed over to the sons Leo and Hubert. They focus on relocations, package deliveries and express deliveries

After the death of the brothers (Leo 1953, Hubert 1965), Hubert’s wife Elisabeth manages the business alone with great enthusiasm and strength

In 1966
Her son Egon joins the company after his apprenticeship as a merchant

Egon Michels takes over the family business and manages it together with his wife Heidemarie. In the following years, the company establishes itself more and more in the local and national new furniture and moving industry.

Relocation of the headquarters from Waldstraße to today’s location in  Benzstraße

Since 2010,
The company management is in the hands of son Martin Michels and Florian Otto. Side by side, they build out the segment of overseas relocations alongside the core business.