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Winning together


Jersey sponsorship for the local “Eintracht Erle 1928” football club

Juli 2017
Just in time for the opening match of the season, “Eintracht” came on the field in new jerseys.
The jerseys for the first team and the “A” youth team were sponsored by Michels International, because the company is committed to supporting club sports..

“Uniform jerseys are a major cost factor for smaller clubs, although they are of great importance for team spirit”, explained Florian Otto, Managing Director of Michels International.

It is exactly the team thinking that connects the two. “Whether relocation or football – without team spirit, no success”, says Florian Otto and points out another parallel: “We at Michels have uniform work clothes. On the field, it’s the jerseys.”

The team clearly likes them. “The jersey is a real eye-catcher”, says coach Jürgen Siska. “You can’t go wrong with blue in Gelsenkirchen, and the combination with black looks really awesome.”

So everybody is happy. Not least about the outcome of the opening match against the neighbouring district’s team, Erler SV 08, which plays in the district league. With the score of 4:1, the Siska team won the local derby.