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Michels International and Gelsenkirchen football club exploit synergies

Working with “Eintracht Erle 1928” has a long tradition at Michels International: For many decades, the family company has supported the local football club from the city district of Erle. Not without reason. Managing Director Martin Michels has fond memories of his active membership: “The club has given me a lot in life”, says Michels. “In addition to the fun of playing football, I learned a lot about losing and winning, team spirit and fair play. I benefit from it still today – also professionally. ”

Through the permanent contact with the club and with the aid of Frank Borkowitz, department head of “Eintracht Erler” in the seniors area, a collaborative project that is quite exciting for both sides was initiated in early 2017. In the “A” and “B” youth teams (age 17–19), Michels International now officially makes the case for in-house training as a specialist for furniture, kitchen and moving services (short for the German initials: FMKU).

Both sides seem very satisfied with this special form of recruitment. Frank Borkowitz explains: “It’s important to me what happens to the boys. I feel responsible not only in my position as coach. When I can help to ensure their future alongside their success on the football field, I’m quite happy. Michels International is a company with both a future and a heart. I just know that my guys will be well taken care of there”, says Borkowitz.

And Martin Michels adds: “For us, the players of Eintracht Erler are a target group with a huge potential: Age, gender and physical fitness match the job description of a FMKU to a T. On top of that, they bring with them the required social skills they have learned at the club.” Michels clearly speaks from experience.